Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Teachers

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Jun 26 2023
Jun 30 2023
5-days @ 9AM-12PM


Are those kids real?

Take a look at the scrolling images in this course description.  Can you tell which of the kids in the images are real and which have been generated by Artificial Intelligence?


Here is a reason why ChatGPT says that Teachers should learn to use ChatGPT:

Personalized learning: AI can tailor educational content to the individual needs of students, potentially improving their learning outcomes.

Reducing workload: ChatGPT could handle some routine tasks such as answering frequently asked questions about course material or administrative issues, freeing up time for teachers.


What you will learn in this course:

In this Professional Education course, we explore these and many other questions about Artificial Intelligence.  This course helps demystify Artificial Intelligence, how it works, and how we can apply it to the education profession.  We cover what many AI models do, the advantages and disadvantages of each, how to use them ourselves, and how our students are already using them.  Finally, we collaborate with other Teachers to anticipate the coming impact on education, create lesson plans that can utilize AI technology, and establish a springboard for further understanding.  Join us!

15-Contact Hours

5-Continuing Education Credits


Participants must currently be 18 years to 99 years old.

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